Extremely good-looking interface
Few weather apps are as nicely designed and useful as Fresh Air
Fresh Air has a gorgeous user interface that is a joy to use.
The 5 Best iPhone Apps You Should Download This Week
More than just another pretty face, the app is something of a personal meteorological assistant [...] it’s interface is as thoughtful as its concept.
What a clever idea for a weather app! [...] The graphics are first rate [...] it’s a well thought out app that works well and looks great.

App Store Reviews

Simple. Beautiful. Intuitive. I’m hooked.
— HRxPaperStacks
Calendar notifications for weather make this better than any weather app. I can quickly look up the weather for my morning workout, morning commute and afternoon commute so I know what to prepare for everyday.
— mrmak
I have a whole page of weather apps and this is one of my favorites. It’s fun to move the little ball on the timeline to see what the temp. Will be at any given time of day or night. This app is also very attractive to look at and work with, it is even soothing to the eyes somehow.
— Feathers of jade
having gone thru about 4-5 different weather Apps in the last 2 years I must say this is by far the nicest user interface and user experience of the weather Apps I’ve tried and used. everything works well and is quite intuitive. tech support is excellent and very quick to respond. price is very reasonable imo.
— marcelvanvliet
It has lots of information readily accessible in a format that makes sense. It doesn’t try to be needlessly “clever” with its interface, like so many other weather apps. It’s immediately clear how to use it when you open the app. At the same time, the interface is really beautiful and versatile. It’s simple enough that I recommended it to my grandmother, but powerful and pretty enough that I use it myself.
— James W Sarvey
Impressive and function design right down to the icon.
— Liam Purefoy
Uses forecast.io data so it’s hyper accurate. Great way to visualize weather data.
— Ak
NOT **just** another weather or calendar app, but one that integrates the two in a way that’s incredibly helpful, yet simple & aesthetically pleasing. Highly responsive developer. Definitely recommended.
— shufflingparrot
I’ve used a lot of weather apps but this one is my favorite by far. Loads fast, great UI.
— Meerkat of the Rockies
I updated the app a few days ago and love the new sunrise/sunset feature! It’s so refreshing that you all are considering the opinions of your customers and I just appreciate it so much - thanks again!
— Darnell Brown
The wonderful, inspired use of graphical depictions of the weather gives one all the hour-by-hour information needed for a week at a quick glance - in fact, this may be the best use of graphics to convey information in any app out there. I really appreciate that the app authors actually thought about the best, simplest ways to convey all the important information on a single screen that one can easily scroll through to see a weeks worth of weather intuitively - kudos for thinking it through rather than just adding graphics as an afterthought!
— B Stanley